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The Wise Manager Method: the “what-is-it-that-I-wanted” or getting back to the beginning

Everything starts with a need

Need — Task — Result

As we all perfectly know tasks, issues, projects etc. are born out of some specific needs. If we didn’t have needs we wouldn’t have to look for ways to satisfy them. However, we all need something and so we seek for ways to get what we want, i.e. ways to reach our goals. Before we go on we need to get familiar with a simple scheme (see picture) which we’ll later develop.

As we’ve already established we wouldn’t spend our time looking for better and more efficient ways of time management if we didn’t have a need for it. If you look closely at our scheme you’ll see that at the very beginning we have a user with a need – often quite foggy at this stage. Out of this need a task is born, i.e. a way of achieving the goal. This is what the manager is responsible for. At the end we have a result: an answer to the needs and expectations of the user. Of course this scheme illustrates only the most basic and crucial existing interdependent relations found in any undertaking. We’ll develop this concept as we go on.

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